Cultivation and packaging of medicinal plants

Royal Essential Oil has improved its seeds and cultivated quality plants with the benefit of expert agricultural engineers in its fields; Also, this complex has packaged medicinal plants for domestic and export use in a completely hygienic environment and approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Processing of medicinal plants

Central Essential Cluster Cooperative Company under the brand of Royal Essence Ala, after harvesting medicinal plants in the plant processing stage, under the supervision of its laboratory experts, processes and extracts the essential oil and sweat of medicinal plants by water vapor distillation method. Accepts.

Medicinal plants conversion industry

Royal Essential Oil Group, as one of the activists in the chain of agricultural conversion industries in the field of medicinal plants, has always tried to avoid the sale of raw products and with the benefit of medical and food science to produce secondary products with the highest possible quality, in this regard Has succeeded in producing medicines and herbal drinks.


Essential oils are a mixture of volatile oily compounds that contain the most important active ingredients of medicinal plants. According to the theory of the International Standardization Organization, the best method of extracting essential oils is steam or water distillation method. Royal Essential Oil Company also uses the above method to increase the quality of its products.


Herbal infusions are products that are obtained during the process of extracting essential oils in the method of water vapor distillation from plants by cooling the resulting vapors.

The resulting infusions have many therapeutic properties that are used in traditional medicine and modern fever as a preventive or therapeutic.

Medicinal plant extracts are actually active ingredients of plants that are extracted in different ways.

Royal Essence Ala Company, with the benefit of chemical engineers as the leading group in this field, has extracted plant extracts for use in the conversion industry and the production of medicine.

Herbal disinfectant

Royal Essence Ala Company with an innovative formula based on the properties of medicinal plants has succeeded in producing a completely herbal disinfectant solution called Royal Sept. This plant disinfectant solution is free of any chemical and organic substances, which is equivalent to 70% alcohol and has been able to obtain all the necessary licenses, including health apples, after viral analysis in the valid laboratories of the Ministry of Health.

Herbal drinks

One of the products of Royal Essential Oil, which is produced based on the pharmaceutical conversion industry, is completely herbal drinks with different varieties.

These drinks are completely herbal and no additives or unnatural and occasional ingredients have been used. At present, these products are produced in two types of energy generators and blood sugar controllers.

Boosts the immune system

Relying on the knowledge of its experts, Royal Essential Ala has succeeded in producing a solution that sometimes strengthens the immune system under the brand name Emo Royal. Imo Royal has many uses in strengthening the immune system and immune system in the prevention and treatment of viral diseases such as colds, flu and coronary, which has also succeeded in obtaining the necessary licenses from the Food and Drug Administration.